Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Award (I haven't gotten my money yet though)

Well, I am honored. Laggin of "Under The Roof of a Great House" presented me with an award.

Now, I'm not entirely clear as to what blog-awards mean, but I am looking forward to getting my check for it in the mail.

There are two criteria for accepting this award. First, listing 6 things that make me happy today.

1) The Kids. I am working from home today, while the Swede is at a company training. I hate mornings, but these two are pretty damn cute in their PJ's.

2) The Job. These days, still having a job should make us all happy.

3) Coffee. Oh God, I love coffee...I mean, I fuckin' LOVE coffee!

4) Coffee. Did I mention I love coffee. Hey, I was up at 7:15, coffee gets two mentions.

5) Cold weather. It is going to be really cold here for a couple days, so perhaps the allergies, that have plagued the Monkey and I all year, will finally subside.

6) This whole blogging thing. A year ago, I found an old friend who had a blog, and I didn't even know what that met. I read, I joined, I commented, I started this thing. I like my job, but it doesn't require much thought. Blogging allows me to be creative, discuss the stuff I like, and write. Thanks to DCD and Laggin who pulled me into all of this, kickin' and screaming.

Now, the second part of the award, says I have to give it away. So I shall.

1) DCD at Dana's Brain. She started me on all this, so blame her.

2) Carolyn at Carolynonline. Hers was the first blog I read after Dana's, then I stole her blogroll.

3) Ciii at The Goat and Tater. I have to talk to my Mom, 'cause this guy may be my long-lost, more talented, brother. He writes about his kids the way my heart feels about mine.


Laggin said...

I somehow knew you'd pick them! They deserve it absolutely. I'm just all about encouraging the newbies!

DCD said...

Aw, thanks miko! (And laggin, indirectly!!)

Vodka Mom said...

you had me at coffee, and fucking. I am so impressed. (ANd, anyone who's friends with Laggin and DCD is OK in my book! ) I'll be back.

Jamie said...

Hey, one quick question

Do you like coffee?

AC said...

congratulations on your award, miko! i always knew you had it in you.

miko564 said...

laggin- Yeah, I am easy to see-through.

DCD- You betcha D. BTW the Swede does blame you for my addiction to all this stuff.

Vodka- Nice to have someone else from PA here! In Laggin and Dana's defense, I am easier to take online.

Jamie- Eh, it's alright.

AC- Seriously, you are my most loyal supporter, and you haven't known me long. I'm honored.

Zip n Tizzy said...

The first 4 remind me of my husband. I'm always suprised he can get anything done, but he loves working from home and getting to see the kids throughout the day. AND, he loves his coffee.
And glad you enjoy the blogging. We, enjoy you!

miko564 said...

Zip- Awwww. Thanks. BTW, I never said I got anything DONE...

Carolyn...Online said...

Thanks Miko. I am honored and humbled at the award. One of the things that makes ME happy is my bloggy pals. I'm glad you've got your own blog-home now too.