Sunday, November 09, 2008

Stuff That Works

There's a great Guy Clark song titled "Stuff That Works", where he sings about the things in his life he loves and is grateful for. I had one of those nights...

We've had health issues in my extended family. I work for a large company and my division sells to the Auto Industry, which is suffering greatly this days. So I worry about money, and my job on a regular basis. The Swede works on the weekends, so we feel like we rarely see each other. The kids have differing nighttime issues, one is hard to get to sleep, the other hard to keep asleep.
You know, I have all the same daily stresses that most everyone else has, and sometimes it makes me forget what is really important.

Tonight I was reminded of the "Stuff That Works".

It began with these guys...

I wrote about these guys before. The cat is Riley and the dog, Daisy, and obviously, they like each other.
We had a great evening, the kids were in good spirits, and went to bed with no problems. The Swede and I got in some good cuddling time before she went to bed. I was watching TV in my newish (April) house, the bills were paid, and I looked over at the couch. The animals were wrapped around each other, in perfect contentment.
Later, I went upstairs to check on the sleepers. Scratch was on his side in his crib, his arm wrapped around this stuffed monkey. The Swede was tucked in, with the cat at her feet. The Monkey was in her room, fast asleep with her best friend, Daisy, curled up beside her. I, was in a place I never dared hope for...
Sometimes I forget. I let the "little" and "not so little" things overshadow the true gifts I have in my life.
I live in a house of love. I mean this in a literal way, everyone in this home expresses their love. The Swede and I used to joke that we had the cuddliest animals ever, but it turns out it must be us, because the kids are the same way. All of us love to be cuddled up next to one another, and we usually are.
My kids and wife are healthy, happy, and safe. We all eat well, have a nice house, medical care when we need it, and have each other. It's more than enough.
Sometimes I forget, but sometimes, I remember to be grateful for the "Stuff That Works".


-k said...

It's so easy to forget the "the little stuff" when every day just seems to be "I have to get through this day..." We're always worried about money and if we're doing right by her. Are we good parents...Are we teaching her the right things...SO worried about what she'll BE, that we don't stop to see who she is NOW.

DCD said...

This is so true! "What do I have to do today" becomes the mantra. We too, amidst all of the usual money/kid/daily stress worries forget to count our blessings.

Thanks for the reminder!

Jamie said...

This was a great reminder -
It's so easy to get caught up in all the "stuff" that we can forget all of the great and wonderful gifts we have in our lives.

bernthis said...

I envy you and yet I have to say, I have a good life as well. I've been a single mom for 4 years, something I didn't sign up for and yet here I am. I am lonely at times but after reading your post, I realize I really do have a lot to be grateful for. Thanks.

AC said...

i love those moments. thanks for sharing the good stuff with us.

on a tangent, i hope you are right about cuddliness transmitting from parents to kids and pets; i'll be looking into adopting a new cat or kittens in a few months and my number one criterion will be cuddliness (though health and cuteness are up there too).

Laggin said...

Yup. That's all that counts in the long run. I miss my snugglers! They are too "mature" for that now.

P.S. I left you some bloggy awards over at the house.

cIII said...

You left out the part when you scream "Now, can I get a Witness!!??"

And then I would be all..."Hells yea, Miko!!! Say it, Brother!!"

And then we'd get Beers.

Well said anyway.

Oh. Does the Dog always get the Cat's ass in it's face....or is it just sort of Spontanious?

Carolyn...Online said...

I like the way the animals curl into each other. Very Noah's Ark.

Always good to *see* the good stuff.

anymommy said...

A reminder I need every single day. Incredibly well said.

miko564 said...

k- I have the same problem with myself. I will be happy, when...
I have to remind myself that today is the only sure thing.

DCD- You know me. Constant reminders are what I need.

Jamie- Amen, sister!

Bern- You have a special section of heaven waiting for you! I was raised by a single mom, and I can't imagine how either of you did/do it.

AC- It has worked with anything we have brought into this family. We dog-sat my Dad's dog while he was sick. She was abused before they adopted her, and will NOT get on the furniture. By the end of her stay with us, she was up on the couch curled up next to us...

Laggin- Thanks again for the awards.
Ugh, it depresses me to think the Monkey will outgrow the snuggles.

Ciii- No, she always gets the ass. In the cat's mind, Daisy is definitely below him in the pecking order.

Carolyn- You should have seen them when Miko was still alive. It was a dog-cat-dog Menage-a-trois.

Anymommy- These days all you have to do is look out the window.