Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Ciii Computer Fund

-We now interrupt our normal drivel about politics and children, and stuff, to lend this space to some fund-raising efforts.------

I found this over at Best Buy for 299.99 with free shipping. (as of right now) It comes with a monitor, so our boy can just plug and post. Until we see what Wal-mart is offering for Black Friday it is the best out there that I could find.

Again, thanks all, for jumping on board with this. I am new to the blogging world, and Ciii was one of the first blogs, by someone I didn't know, that I really dug. I am doing this for selfish reasons, I want to hear about the Goat and Tater, and quite frankly can't afford to lose one of my most loyal

For those of you that are regular readers who don't also read Ciii's blog "The Goat and Tater", he was laid-off yesterday, and posts from a work computer. None at home. Sooo, the loyalists of his blog are taking up a collection to buy him an inexpensive desktop, so we can keep hearing about our blog-friend and his exploits. (Believe me, just the stories about his mispent youth are worth it!)

I am taking up the collection, and anyone who wants to donate to the cause/person, can e-mail me at with how much you'd like to contribute. Once we have about $300 pledged, I will e-mail everyone the address to the bank where my wife works, and everyone can send their checks. (My banker wife won't hear of anyone sending cash, it makes her ears bleed.) I will place the order through Best Buy, or Wal-mart, etc., and CC every single donor.

I will update this post as e-mails come in, so everyone can track how much we have pledged.

Again, thanks guys. Now back to our regularly scheduled program....

(This only includes people who e-mailed me, not those who commented on Ciii's blog)
Total Pledged: $40 (as of 11/15/2008)

Total Pledged: $155 (Half way, later on 11/15/2008!!)

Total Pledged: $180 (Niiice. Still 11/15/2008)

Total Pledged: $200 (Only $100 left. 11/15/2008)

Total Pledged: $260 (So Close...Let's do this! 11/19/2008)


Carolyn...Online said...

Miko - sent you an email. With pledge of course. What with the economy going black it's such a nice time for an electronics purchase. Everything's so cheap.

Possibly Moving Mom said...
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Possibly Moving Mom said...

OK, and then I read the rest of your post and you already had the payment thing figured out. I was trying to keep the dog from stealing the bacon while typing... And I'll send you an e-mail. I'm really bad at following instructions, especially when bacon is in peril.

miko564 said...

Carolyn- Amen sister! I am going to see how far I am from one of the Circuit City stores that are closing. Supposedly they will be liquidating the inventory at those locations.

Possibly- Now I want bacon. I wouldn't sacrifice one of my kids to save the bacon, but my parents might be in trouble if I ever had to choose between them and smoked pork product.

Laggin said...


Jett said...

You are a nice, nice man.

DCD said...

Holy shit, we are up to $200? That rocks!!

I'm not a fundraiser kind of person - but this is one I'm psyched to be behind.

miko564 said...

Laggin- Thanks. You'll be great tomorrow!

Jett- Just trying to buy my way into heaven...just in

DCD- Right there with you, but really just selfishly trying to keep one of my 5 readers. Maybe that'll be my secret, I'll get you a computer if you promise to read.

Jamie said...

I sent you an email
I think I forgot to tell you how much I will send
But count me in -

miko564 said...

Jamie- Thanks. I responded with a

Jett said... me at; I spoke with ciii today and have something to pass along.

Captain Dumbass said...

This is a pretty awesome thing to do.

miko564 said...

Captain- Thanks, but everyone has to stop saying nice things about's totally fucking-up my street cred.

Meredith said...

I'm totally in...sent you an email. Amy (schrammsjourney blog) is his biggest fan and turned me onto his blog in the first place. Would hate a world with no goat and tater.