Sunday, February 01, 2009

So Much for "My" Dog

Alright, so for a year I beg, whine, cajole, and nag the Swede to get another dog, because when Miko died I lost "my" dog.

I love Daisy, but she has always been more the Swedes' than mine, and is increasingly become the Monkey's.

I wanted another big dog, another dog that knew me from 8-9 weeks old...another dog to be "my" dog.

Yeah, that's really panning out well...

Hey Monkey, how 'bout sharing with Daddy?

~Sigh~ I wonder how long I will have to whine to get a third dog?


Anonymous said...

HA! Seriously, what did you expect? They're way cuter then you. (SNAP!)

You can have my dog if you want - he's driving me mental!

AC said...

prediction: when kendo is older he will become more "your" dog. for now he's still a baby, and he's the whole family's baby! love the pictures.

Carolyn...Online said...

Frankly, there is nothing cuter than your little blond girl cuddling that puppy so I think you shouldn't even try to break that one up.

Jen W said...

I totally agree with Carolyn on this one. Those pictures are precious!

Laggin said...

I've got a cat that thinks she's a dog and I'm totally mailing her to your wife at work!


P.S. Her name is Beast. That should make up for the fact she's a cat.

Scott said...

Cute Kids, cute dog, cute family!
I enjoy reading about them!
Any interest in doing a link exchange with my blog (
Let me know!

Laggin said...

Wow. You are the only one writing less than me recently. Acually, I'm writing, just not what I'm thinking about.

Which is stupid.

Vodka Mom said...

those are ADORABLE. sigh.

Anonymous said...

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