Sunday, October 19, 2008

Holding Hands with The Monkey

So Miko no feel so good. I got a cold a couple of days ago, and it has now settled in my chest. (As I get older that seems to happen, EVERY damn time. Why no chest colds when I was younger?)

So the fam decided that they were going to the Pumpkin Patch Saturday, with the Swedes...

I did mention that my In-laws arrived from Sweden on Friday, and are staying for three (3) weeks, didn't I? (Yes, I wrote out, AND showed the numeral for three to make sure you heard me. In-laws, in my house, for three weeks...sigh.)

Daddy decided to stay home and take a nap, as I am the biggest, whiniest, wussiest, sick person ever. I tend to take to my bed (how Victorian that sounds, "I'm sorry sir, the Prince has taken to his bed, overcome by the vapors I'm afraid."), drink tea(that's how I know I'm really sick, don't touch the crap healthy), and call my wife up to the room every two minutes for more: tea, Gatorade, soda, tissues, medicine, head rubs, etc.

I took my nap, and they did this:

Upon their return, the first thing the Monkey did was come upstairs to check on me. She threw off her jacket and asked me, "Daddy, I know your sick, do you want cuddles?".

She climbs into bed with me, and I warned her not to get too close so she doesn't get sick. She gets under the covers on the Swede's side, and puts out her hand, "We can hold hands though, right Daddy?". So we did. I held her little hand, and she told me she was sorry I was sick, and to tell you the truth, I never felt better.


Laggin said...

That picture of the Monkey-Scratch hug is adorable.

Ugh. I hate colds. Car-man is a baby about being sick too. It's a man-thing.

Get better!

Oh, and sorry about the out-laws. There's full flask attached to this message for a little extra fortitude.

-k said...

I would move out if my in-laws came for that long. Or get divorced - one of the two. I'm quite sure that my Mother in law thinks I'm a drunk - but how do I tell her "No, I only drink this much when YOU are here"
Feel better dude.

cIII said...

Why is it, that I can break a Bone and shake it off like a Sneeze. But when I get Sick, I bitch and Moan like Old Yeller when he got the Rabies.

I hate the Sick. And everyone needs to know about it. That's why.

Get well Soon, brother.

Laggin said...

Like I said (ciii), it's a boy-thing.

miko564 said...

Laggin- I'll take the flask. I can add it to my tea. May not kill the cold, but I won't care I'm sick...

K- The problem is the cost of flying back and forth. We each can only go once a year, so the trips get looooooong. They're nice people, but ANYONE in my space for that long messes with my head.

Cii- Yeah, injury I can handle...

In Ole' Yellers defense, he did have something to bitch about. If the wife wants me to "step out back" I'll run.

DCD said...

Awesome pics! Hope you are on the mend now.

Isn't it about time for you to take another trip?