Friday, October 24, 2008

Please, Please, Please, Stop Talking Now!

I know I was going to write another one about religion, but watching CNN over the last couple of days has me ready to shoot the TV. (It was good enough for Elvis...)

When did politics become throwing every bullshit catch phrase against the wall, and seeing if anything sticks with people too stupid to realize it is bullshit?

Maybe I know the answer. True confession time. I voted for Bush in 2000. Yep, blame me. I TOLD you I was an Independent who had voted both Democrat and Republican. ALTHOUGH I stand by the vote, given what I knew at the time. Dems and Rep from the state of Texas claimed, as Governor, Bush had brought the two sides together like nobody ever had. He claimed to want to minimize US military involvement around the world, etc, etc. In short, I was bamboozled OR a really dumb alien pod replaced Bush.

Anyway, the answer to my question above may be the Iraq war. After months of telling us we were going in because of the risk of WMD's, none were found. SOOOOOOO, we went to bed one night having gone into Iraq for WMDs and woke up the next morning having gone into Iraq to bring Democracy to the Middle East region. What the fuck? They decided if they pretended that's why we went, that ALL of us would forget the past year? Most surprising, SOME of us did! "Oh, that's right...we went to Iraq to bring democracy. I'm getting very, very sleepy...".

So now, apparently, that's how we run campaigns. If McCain or Palin accuse Obama of leading us to Socialism, ONE MORE FUCKIN' TIME, I am going to lose my mind.

During the past eight years of a Republican Administration, with 6 of those years having a Republican controlled House and Senate, we created the LARGEST EVER government agency in our history, The Department of Homeland Security. We just spent over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS to bail out businesses that supposedly were free-market.

Not allowing equal distribution of windfall profits, while spreading the cost of failure across the entire tax-paying population of the country isn't Socialism. IT'S FUCKING STUPID SOCIALISM!!! For 3 years we have heard the CEO's of Oil Companies testifying that taxing their record profits, while the price of gasoline tripled, would be unfair in a free-market economy. Alright boys, now that we have paid over 1 Trillion dollars proving that we ain't in a free-market, pony the fuck up.

However, the idiots are listening to McCain/Palin, as if none of this happened. I keep seeing interviews with people voting for McCain, who keep saying they are worried Obama will lead us to Socialism.

One of the interviewees was a farmer. A FUCKING FARMER, WORRIED ABOUT SOCIALISM?!?! AREN'T YOU GETTING MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT TO NOT GROW SHIT?! WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT IS MORON!!!! You don't want socialism, Farmer Brown? Great, give us back the money you have received for the last 20 years to keep your field empty, so the government could regulate grain prices.

You Democrats aren't without blame either kids. Didn't Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid lead the charge for "throwing the Republican bums out" in the last election? They were going to start bring the boys home from Iraq, restoring our civil rights, blah, blah, blah. They ain't done shit. Oh, they whine about why they can't do shit, it's always someone else's fault. So they tell us we need to vote Democrat, because they aren't to blame for any of the last 8 years, nor the last 3 months. Huh?

All of them keep telling us they will get to the bottom of what happened to create this economic disaster. What?! Like you all weren't a part of it? During the WorldCom/Enron days, we were told that you would get to the bottom of that too...and create transparency in corporations so it could never happen again. You were ALL there. Nancy Pelosi joined the Congress in 1987. Harry Reid the Senate in 1987. Biden has been in the Senate since 1973! McCain in '87 as well. BUT NOW THEY ARE ALL GOING TO INVESTIGATE HOW "THEY" LET THIS HAPPEN. "They"! What fucking "they". "They" is all of you!

So is it a matter of who is wrong’(er)(est)? Great. That's what the Founding Fathers hoped for, a decision between a bunch of piles of steaming shit.

How about this. How about an admission that all of you in our Government have made a big ole mess of everything? Ask for a clean slate, because you can't point out what a fuck-up the opposition is, without admitting you are his/her equal in that department. Tell us what you want to do to rectify all these problems. (Here's where it gets radical.) Then actually do it!

How we got here, is much less important than how we fucking get out. We Americans, all learned not to call each other names in kindergarten, we are teaching our kids the same now. Stop by, if you need a refresher, then shut the fuck up, and do something. Please...


-k said...

Wow....Miko is hot tonight, ain't he folks? I appreciate the fact that you shoot shit at both parties...Makes you a true independent! And no, you don't have to wear a ring...But I don't think I've ever commented so much on anyone's blog, AND since I've been "here" since your beginning, I just wanted first dibs....Obviously, after The Swede, The Monkey and the large headed child...Or until you say something that pisses me off. But I'll always eat wings with you on Football Sunday.

AC said...

miko for president. kick "their" asses into shape, you would.

Zip n Tizzy said...

It's reality t.v. gone mad. That's the only way I can look at it. It's true insanity.

miko564 said...

k- Sounds good, you have dibs. I am sure I will say something to piss you off...I'll get to gun control soon.

AC- I'm pretty sure I wouldn't make it through the first round of anyone's vetting process.

Zip- You couldn't do reality TV about this. Everyone would think it was fake, they wouldn't believe anyone could be that ridiculous.

DCD said...

How did I totally miss this post? I'm with you AC, miko for pres!