Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monkey Dreams and Daddy

(The picture is apropos of nothing; it's just my favorite picture of The Monkey to date. My folks have a lake house in the Pocono’s, and we were there about a year and a half ago. The Monkey was still in her PJ's, the morning sun was coming through the picture window, and she made a fort out of the pillows of the big chair in the living room. My SIL got down on the floor and took the pic. That is a happy Monkey.)

The Monkey had a nightmare tonight. So she came downstairs to get her hero, her safety net. To my amazement, that is me... When she is with me, nothing scares her. She can jump tall buildings in a single bound, take on all comers...because Daddy has her back. It still humbles me. I am not worthy.

I followed her back upstairs, and tucked her back in. I cast my "magic spell" to assure only good dreams. This involves taking a Kleenex out of the box and holding it by the corners, then I delicately bring it down over her head and down her face while whispering, "I banish all bad dreams. Tonight you will only have happy dreams, with doggies, princesses (Freakin' Disney), and beautiful rainbows". Then repeat. The spell changes based on what new delight is occupying The Monkeys time and energy that week.

She smiles, and gives me a kiss. Then nestles down into the covers. I climb in bed and lay down behind her. It's a comforter-coated Monkey, nothing but blond hair and a little arm outside the covers. She scooches closer, closes her eyes and says, "I love you sooo much Daddy. I'm going to keep you forever." I rub her arm and tell her I'm not going anywhere.

She trusts me. Like no person ever has. Nothing can hurt her while I am there. I notice her bent arm is the same length as my hand, as I rub it, and silently make her a promise. "Nothing WILL ever hurt you while I am around sweet Monk."

Now I just have to figure out how to follow her everywhere until I die.


DCD said...

Thanks, now I'm crying at work!

I like your good dreams spell, I can just picture you fluttering your tissues around. Since it's for such a good cause I won't make fun of you....much.

AC said...

miko, you are totally worthy. what a good daddy.

but i don't think the nuns will let you hang around the convent in the swiss alps.

DCD said...

PS - really, you are going to have to get her to that convent. She is beyond beautiful!!

miko564 said...

dcd- Sorry, didn't mean to make you cry. You can't make fun! I'm doing it for my little girl...

AC- Thank you, with all the compliments I can't take, I will take that one.
I don't think the nuns have enough security to keep me out..

D- *sigh*

Laggin said...

Kleenexes can totally banish bad dreams. Totally.

Wish they banished teenage boys.

HeatherPride said...

It's so important for little girls to have good relationships with their fathers. It touches me that you are this close with your little girl!

anymommy said...

So incredible and so scary to be someone's superhero. There's no way to protect them forever, is there? She is just gorgeous as is your whole family and your writing in this post. Sigh. Thanks!

-k said...

Dude, A GPS system and a leash. That's how I plan on sticking with mine...until I deem her ready for the world...I imagine that will be somewhere around my death bed.

miko564 said...

Laggin- They can. You just fill them with pennies, tie them up, and throw them as hard as you can.

Heather- Nothing makes me more aware of my actions than knowing she is going to use me to measure her future men by. God help us all.

Anymommy- Thanks for visiting me! I think I know I can't protect her forever, but I'm still gonna’ give it a shot...

K- I was quite disappointed in the hospital for not installing a tracking device upon her birth. I guess I'll have to find something aftermarket.

Jamie said...

Holy Cow and Wow
That was super sweet
Speaking from experience
once a daddy's girl ALWAYS a daddy's girl. Even when she has grown up and moved away from home - she will always know that her daddy will keep her safe and make everything all right.

Jamie said...

Thanks for the comment~

Great choice for nursing -
I really do *LOVE* it
Been working as an oncology nurse for over 12 years and can't really ever see myself doing anything else ~(except maybe the ninja chef thing).
Tell your wife - Good Luck !