Friday, October 31, 2008

The Princess and The Rat

Happy Halloween Everybody! Here are some pics of our neighborhood outing.

I considered making "Rat" the boy's nickname from now on. I decided the name carries so many negative connotations, it would be a cruel moniker to put on the lad so early.

"Seriously! A rat?! My first costume is a fuckin' rat?!"

Was there any doubt what the Monkey would be? Of course she was a Princess. What you may not know, is Daddy tells "Princess Amelia" stories at night. Nary a prince in sight. Only Princess Amelia and her trusty steed "Bob". (Gotta undo that "knight in shining armor" crap somehow.)

"Prince who? Tell him I'll call him back. I'm fighting skeletons."

"Ugh. So much candy to carry, my shoulder is sore."

Scratch, who is not allowed candy yet, was understandably unimpressed with the whole experience.

"Yeaaaa. Me in a rat suit. I swear, I am going to kill you while you sleep...get me out of this thing."

"Fine! I'll take the damn thing off myself you jackasses!"

"I'll just hide the candy wrappers back here..."


DCD said...

Awwww. So cute! Even the rat is adorable.

Laggin said...

There is a great book about how the princess rejects all her princely suitors because she's doing badass things like motorcycle racing, roller derby, etc. She makes the prince candidates do things like wrestle alligators. Gotta find the title/author for you.

The kiddos are adorable, even if he is a rat.

AC said...

i only figured out like two years ago why my parents were "safety testing" the halloween candy for us. they would always confiscate the handmade stuff like candy apples and popcorn balls. i may someday forgive them.

great pictures of the kids. i'm not anti-rat like some, so love scratch's costume, even if he didn't.

Possibly Moving Mom said...

"The Paper Bag Princess" by Robert Munsch. Such a great book! The princess saves the day. My daughter still loves that book.

Laggin said...

"Princess Smartypants" by Babette Cole.

miko564 said...

DCD- Thanks. The pics did not come out well at all. I really had to scrounge to find these couple OK ones.

Laggin- I am going to order "Smartypants" for Xmas! Amazon has a ton of books where the princess is the hero! This is yet another example of things I never thought of before I had a daughter.

AC- Yeah, I could never figure out why the Easter Bunny always brought chocolate coconut eggs, my brother and I HATED them. So my parents "took them off our hands".

Possibly- I'm getting this one too! See, I thought I was some kind of unique genius making up the Princess Amelia stories, but it turns out I was just not well-read. *sigh*

rowan said...

I love rats! The kiddos are adorable.

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